Why is ‘Me-Time’ Important?

If your life runs on a jam-packed schedule (like mine often does), it can be hard to find the time to indulge in a little TLC. Trust me, I know how that feels right now. However, as i'm faced with increasingly bad skin and temperamental mood swings i'm beginning to realise just how important it… Continue reading Why is ‘Me-Time’ Important?


Three Cheers for Three Years

The saying 'time flies' couldn't ring more true when it comes to my university experience. I literally blinked and it was over. Don't get me wrong, whenever I heard that from a family member or an older friend I had to force myself not to eye roll, yet here I am three years down the… Continue reading Three Cheers for Three Years


LadBible – a Stellar Example of Business Growth Done Right

It started as a Facebook page and now turns over £££s, has its own 'headquarters' in Manchester and employs 120 staff members in just 5 years of operation - so, just how did LadBible go from Facebook commonplace to a highly profitable business? They are the perfect example of how to home in on your… Continue reading LadBible – a Stellar Example of Business Growth Done Right


Staying sane in your Final Year of University

Spoken as a final year student myself, it is stressful, with graduation right round the corner and deadlines mounting left right and centre, it can seem impossible to upkeep your studies, social life, work and get enough sleep. But fear not, it can be done - all it takes is a little organisation. Here are… Continue reading Staying sane in your Final Year of University


#MyPRJob – My Top Tips for Securing PR Internships

You may or may not know (but I'm going to go with 'know' as I rarely stop talking about them) that I have completed a few PR Internships over the summer and have a few more on the way. They truly have been invaluable to me, and I would recommend to anybody studying PR that… Continue reading #MyPRJob – My Top Tips for Securing PR Internships


Quick & Easy Pick-Me-Ups

Even the most easy-going of people have off days every now and again, that's how you know you're human. Off days don't, however, have to last for long and they certainly don't have to be as difficult as they may feel. There are many different ways to pick oneself up when not feeling 100%, and… Continue reading Quick & Easy Pick-Me-Ups