It’s Time to Call the Shots on Gun Law

Sorry for the slight AWOL recently - i've been very busy moving out of university and freelancing, my blog has suffered at the hands of this and i'm all too aware. I'll be putting extra effort in to getting posts out for you guys soon, both lifestyle and PR. But for now, I have another… Continue reading It’s Time to Call the Shots on Gun Law


What Does GDPR Mean for my Business?

Though not applicable to all of my readers, I thought i'd still share this post on GDPR and what it means to business'. (Seeing as we can't seem to get away from it at the moment) - If you're wondering why you're getting emails from every Tom, Dick and Harry on their security updates -… Continue reading What Does GDPR Mean for my Business?


Somaliland Passes Revolutionary Rape Law

Somaliland – not to be confused with Somalia – has taken an exemplary step in the right direction with its recent passing of the law surrounding rape. Before the new law (that precedents rape as illegal and sees its perpetrators facing up to 30 years in prison), it was common practice for a victim to… Continue reading Somaliland Passes Revolutionary Rape Law