Valentine’s Day campaigns – Yay or Nay?

Valentine's Day has come under fire in recent years for a number of reasons, and it's simply not as popular as it used to be. Slammed for marketing the idea of love - which should arguably be celebrated all year round - there are many naysayers who'd condemn the day altogether and thus, are Valentine's-Day-centred… Continue reading Valentine’s Day campaigns – Yay or Nay?


Creative Campaigns #10 – ‘Not A Big Mac’

If there's one fast food chain that's renowned for its 'rock-the-boat' campaigns, it's Burger King. And I'm normally not a fan of brands slandering other brands - but this campaign is so ingenious that it's hard not to applaud it. Amid a number of fabulous PR stunts comes another, and this time - it open… Continue reading Creative Campaigns #10 – ‘Not A Big Mac’

KFC gravy campaign PR

Creative campaigns #9 – KFC’s GRAVY candle

KFC aren't strangers to a great creative comms campaign. Who can remember their great public apology when they infamously ran out of chicken? (How a chicken restaurant runs out chicken, I'll never know - but it did). So simple yet so effective, KFC's recovery campaign was one for the ages and was, wait - still… Continue reading Creative campaigns #9 – KFC’s GRAVY candle


Creative campaigns #4 – the ‘Fiji water’ photobomb

Product placement is one thing, but have you ever heard of person placement? Well, if you haven't you're about to. Because the Golden Globes saw a perfect exemplar of it just a few nights ago with their Fiji brand representative; who just-so-happened to be in the right place at the right time... Over and over (and… Continue reading Creative campaigns #4 – the ‘Fiji water’ photobomb

Vitamin Water no phone for a year campaign

#NoPhoneForAYear – my favourite campaign of 2019 ALREADY

When you work in Public Relations, keeping in touch with the news is an important part of your job. Whether it's seeking out journalists, eyeing out press opportunities or just generally keeping in the know; most of my days start with a quick flick through the news. And that's when I noticed this morning that… Continue reading #NoPhoneForAYear – my favourite campaign of 2019 ALREADY

Black Friday marketing ploy

Black Friday – the best marketing ploy of our generation?

It's Black Friday, and I'd be lying if I said I'd not succumbed to the temptation of the sales once again this year (thanks GymShark & New Look). But, I'm always going to look at this day with two perspectives. The cynical marketeer in me knows that this is no more than a very well executed ploy, piggybacked off… Continue reading Black Friday – the best marketing ploy of our generation?

John Lewis Twitter Ad

The @JohnLewis (Twitter) ad – and why it’s ICONIC

Last week, I voiced my opinions on the new John Lewis Christmas ad, and how it was (to me) a bit of a disappointment. Displaying a total lack of pre-campaign sell in (which is their signature move), and focusing more on their iconic casting rather than the actual content of the advertisement - I certainly… Continue reading The @JohnLewis (Twitter) ad – and why it’s ICONIC

Nike's ad

Let’s talk about Nike’s iconic Colin Kaepernick ad…

Nobody ever moved forward by standing still, and similarly, nobody ever made noise by remaining quiet. In order to move mountains, you need to have the courage to push. And in fear of sounding a bit like a motivationalist, I'm going to say things in simpler terms. I think that Nike's 'Just Do It' ad… Continue reading Let’s talk about Nike’s iconic Colin Kaepernick ad…