Valentine’s Day campaigns – Yay or Nay?

Valentine's Day has come under fire in recent years for a number of reasons, and it's simply not as popular as it used to be. Slammed for marketing the idea of love - which should arguably be celebrated all year round - there are many naysayers who'd condemn the day altogether and thus, are Valentine's-Day-centred… Continue reading Valentine’s Day campaigns – Yay or Nay?

KFC gravy campaign PR

Creative campaigns #9 – KFC’s GRAVY candle

KFC aren't strangers to a great creative comms campaign. Who can remember their great public apology when they infamously ran out of chicken? (How a chicken restaurant runs out chicken, I'll never know - but it did). So simple yet so effective, KFC's recovery campaign was one for the ages and was, wait - still… Continue reading Creative campaigns #9 – KFC’s GRAVY candle


Creative campaigns #4 – the ‘Fiji water’ photobomb

Product placement is one thing, but have you ever heard of person placement? Well, if you haven't you're about to. Because the Golden Globes saw a perfect exemplar of it just a few nights ago with their Fiji brand representative; who just-so-happened to be in the right place at the right time... Over and over (and… Continue reading Creative campaigns #4 – the ‘Fiji water’ photobomb

Greggs vegan sausage roll campaign

Creative campaigns #1 – Greggs launches a vegan sausage roll

With Vitamin Water executing a fabulous campaign in December that'll kickstart 2019 this month (remember my post about #nophoneforayear?), and now with Greggs releasing their vegan sausage roll within the first 3 days of this year - I can tell this year's gonna be a goodun'. Therefore, I've decided I want to document as many… Continue reading Creative campaigns #1 – Greggs launches a vegan sausage roll