About me

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A bit about this blog

I created this blog in the summer of 2017 after blogging for around a year on another (bit of a failure) site. In the past, I used to only blog about music, but after becoming more comfortable with blogging and expressing my views I no longer wanted to constrict myself to one genre of writing and thus I founded this blog. After posting on the frequent since creating this blog, I started to edge towards more PR/Marketing focused writing and this is what I plan to continue with.

I finally became http://www.thoughtsofjessica.com at the start of 2018, when I started to see just how beneficial a blog is in the field of PR.

Prominently, I’ll be writing about PR and marketing as it is my passion, but from time to time you can expect a few lifestyle related posts from me too – anything I feel like writing about really! Alongside my blogs, I’ll also link my articles from Global Seven News here to further share my writing with the world.

A bit about PR

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I chose to study PR because I love how it’s always changing and always exciting. I’ve worked in a number of fast-paced agencies and I love the urgency of it. I also love seeing the results of my work, I think that’s what PR is all about.

Everything you do or say is PR.

I chose this course without really knowing what to expect, but three years in I can confidently say I couldn’t have made a better choice. I know I’ve chosen a career in which I’ll never be bored and for me, that is everything.

And a bit about me

Writing is, and always has been my passion so you can expect a lot of ramblings on this blog. One thing I can promise you is that you’ll never be short of posts from me, I love to write and if anything, you’ll be wanting to shut me up.

As for the technicals, I am 21-year-old Digital PR & Outreach Executive at Tecmark in Manchester. A black country girl living up north – who’d have thought it?!


All of my contact details can be found on my contact page, and you can get through to my social media through the links on my home page – I’d love to hear from you. (Be it a collab opportunity, comments or just a hello!)

Thank you for following me throughout my PR journey, and throughout all my other journeys along the way. I’ll leave you with one of my favourite quotes and one that resides with me every day to inspire me to be the best I can always be.

It’s never too late to be who you could have been.