NME Wave Bye-Bye to Print 👋🏻

I was a big fan of NME growing up and still continued to support them even as the copies grew smaller and smaller; even now I tend to pick one up on the way in to work.

So, when I heard on the radio that today is to see their last ever printed copy go out to the public, I can’t lie I was a little saddened. It’s kind of the end of an era for me, really.

Whilst my music-loving-self was gutted, my business-head-self had to credit them. Print is a dying trade and NME have been clever enough to abandon a sinking ship before they headed in to trouble. For that, a congratulations is in order.

I could imagine it is incredibly hard to move on from a sector of your business that was effectively your starting point and at one point, the backbone of your organisation. But, when the said sector is no longer as popular as it once was, it’s naturally time to move on and adjust with the times (right, Toys R Us?)

In case you’re wondering what I’m going on about, NME has promised to still be fully operational online. If not even more so than they previously were. This, in my opinion was the best step for them moving forward – printed magazines are fast becoming nobody’s first option and, little by little, everybody is shifting over to getting their news on the web instead. It wouldn’t surprise me if most magazines and newspapers follow suit before long.

So kudos to NME, you were a big part of my childhood and my older-self still admires you and your decisions.

Waving goodbye to printed NME is the end of an era to say the least, but certainly an admirable move that I can only congratulate.

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