How are youtubers their own PR demons

YouTubers = their own PR demons

You'd think by now that people would be aware that they need to be careful with what they say online. But evidently, that isn't always the case. I've been thinking a lot lately about YouTubers and how many apology videos I see on my timeline day in and day out. In one sense, I do… Continue reading YouTubers = their own PR demons

21 year old who doesn't drink?! - PR & lifestyle blog

I’m a 21-year-old who doesn’t drink, so what?

Okay so disclaimer, I do drink really. I enjoy a night out as much as the next person and cocktails when I'm in the mood for them are always great. However, I think what makes me different (and probably a bit weirder) than all my friends and other people my age, is that I just don't enjoy… Continue reading I’m a 21-year-old who doesn’t drink, so what?

journalist & pr relationship

Let’s talk about journalists & PRs

I'm learning a lot in this industry, and I'm learning it fast. Something I've picked up on while dotting in and out of the PR industry over the past year and a half is that there seems to be this thing between PRs and journalists. They find one and other really hard to work with... Apparently. I've… Continue reading Let’s talk about journalists & PRs

The PR behind Theresa May's Dancing

The PR behind the dancin’

When was the last time you heard Brexit being widely spoken about? Probably before the Conservative party conference right? If you're nodding your head right now in agreement, you should know this is no coincidence at all.

How i'd play it if I was on The Apprentice - PR & Lifestyle Blogger
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How I’d play it if I was on The Apprentice

The Apprentice starts on the 3rd October and, though I've not typically religiously watched it in the past, I'm excited to delve into it. This year I'm devoted to watching it every night as I feel like I can learn a lot from it, oh and not to mention it's right up my street. It's… Continue reading How I’d play it if I was on The Apprentice


Answering the difficult questions: has life become a numbers game?

Kanye West - ever famous for being somewhat outspoken and never shy - has recently sparked up yet another conversation. This time, it's with the question: what would happen if our lives weren't so defined by numbers? In a world that's becoming slightly Black Mirror-esque, social popularity is becoming more and more important. So much to the point that not only has social media become a big part of our lifestyle, but also in our careers. Which i'm not saying is a bad thing by the way, part of my job includes social media management - and I love being able to use platforms to make a difference. The way that it should be used. 

Meet the PR blogger - Richard Bailey
Meet the PR Blogger

Meet the PR blogger – with Richard Bailey

Hello and welcome to my twelfth interview of my ‘meet the PR blogger’ series. I'm almost finished with this series, so if there are any PR bloggers reading this that would be interested in getting involved - please drop me a message! Keep your eyes out for new additions for the next few weeks though. This time around,… Continue reading Meet the PR blogger – with Richard Bailey

Working in PR - PR & Lifestyle blog

Happy work-iversary to me: looking back at my first year in PR

Today is my work-iversary at Tecmark. 12 months ago to the date, I was a timid (and not afraid to admit it) final year student walking through the doors of Portland Street for the very first time. Not really knowing what to expect. One thing I didn’t expect and never could have comprehended though is… Continue reading Happy work-iversary to me: looking back at my first year in PR

best companies on social media - PR & Lifestyle Blog - PR Blogger

These are the companies that have got social media sussed

Social media isn't an easy thing to nail. Getting your creative content bang on, while also at the same time making sure that nothing you write can be misconstrued is actually really challenging. And that's without mentioning understanding social algorithms and getting posting times exactly right. If you're in charge of a large social account… Continue reading These are the companies that have got social media sussed